OpenCore 0.6.0 Beta for Big Sur


This configuration is out-of-date, please use OpenCore 0.6.3 instead.

OpenCore 0.6.0 Experimental Built (7/08/2020)

Asus Prime Z390-A Experimental Configuration

(Tested with Catalina and Big Sur):

Serial Number, MLB…. etc had been removed from config file.

BIOS settings are same as last post. No need for cloning OS from VM or install from real Mac anymore. Both update and fresh install should work.

Known Issue:

DRM not working: Can’t play Netflix/ AppleTV+

4 thoughts on “OpenCore 0.6.0 Beta for Big Sur

    1. AvoidRuntimeDefrag set to False, and there’s 2 new item for NVRAM section for loading kext, as well as new version of Lilu family and Opencore.

  1. AvoidRuntimeDefrag is fixed on new commit.
    IntelMausi.kext not work for me, and Wifi too with BCM94360CS2

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