OpenCore 0.6.0 for Big Sur

OpenCore 0.6.0 Experimental Built (6/27/2020@12:53PM ET)

Asus Prime Z390-A Experimental Configuration (Only for Big Sur):

Serial Number, MLB…. etc had been removed from config file.

BIOS settings are same as last post. This configuration may not be able to boot the Installer. Probably due to the 2 newly added items in the NVRAM section. But it will boot an installed Big Sur partition just fine.

But the installer shouldn’t be boot anyway, since it had some kind of dead loop issue. I installed the OS on an USB SSD with a real Mac and moved it over to the Desktop.

If you still want to try booting the installer, you may try out changing the config file with some of the settings below.

(Make sure to clean NVRAM first!)

Known Issue:

DRM not working: Can’t play Netflix/ AppleTV+

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AvoidRuntimeDefrag is fixed on new commit.
IntelMausi.kext not work for me, and Wifi too with BCM94360CS2

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